[mythtv-users] DVD drive won't eject

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Sat Sep 29 11:58:40 UTC 2007

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Matt wrote:
> Not sure... what should the permissions be?  The weird thing is that
> it works a few times, but then quits working.  Also, like I said, once
> mythfrontend is running the physical eject button does nothing.

Is a filesystem on the DVD mounted? It is normal for the tray to be
locked when a filesystem is mounted by Linux to ensure that the media
doesn't disappear while the processes are still accessing the mounted
filesystem, though I'm not sure if it's the userspace mount command or
the kernel mounting code doing the locking.

On my system with a pretty recent SVN trunk version, mythfrontend
notices when media is inserted and attempts to detect what's on it,
though I think this functionality has probably been there for a while. I
think the "Monitor CD/DVD" option needs to be enabled in the General
settings for this to happen.

If there is a valid entry in /etc/fstab allowing mythfrontend to mount
the device (it typically needs the user option), mythfrontend will go
ahead and mount it. If it detects that it's a Video DVD, it'll unmount
it right away, since they're usually accessed directly rather than
through an OS-mounted filesystem. If it's just a CD-ROM or DVD with
miscellaneous files on it, mythfrontend will leave it.  In any case, I
don't think mythfrontend is explicitly locking anything.

What I'm trying to figure out right now is how to enable the use of the
button on the optical drive in addition to the "Eject Media" menu
option, which currently works fine for me. Previously, I had been using
gnome-volume-manager, which is based on HAL, which I believe receives
events from udev. Somehow, gnome-volume-manager is able to detect when
the button is pressed on the drive, unmount the filesystem, and eject
the media. However, mythfrontend doesn't seem to be able to do this
currently and I haven't figured out what, if any, events udev generates
related to buttons.

Jonathan Rogers
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