[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

osma ahvenlampi oa at iki.fi
Sat Sep 29 04:59:29 UTC 2007

On 9/27/07, Greg Estabrooks <greg at phaze.org> wrote:
> > That's what they say. My backend/frontend combo does it all the time,
> > though. Perhaps it is the menu action, perhaps it's OTA EPG updates
> > from the DVB channels -- in any event it's a major drag. I would have
>  Actually that would cause BFSQ to happen more often. Since it's
> constantly updating the program info and those updates need to be considered
> for scheduling purposes. I don't know off hand how often
> it triggers scheduling updates though. If it's more than every few minutes
> then I'd say something is wrong . It certainly should not occur every few
> seconds.

After all that bitching about the system I felt I had to dig in again
and see what I can do to fix it. I still don't get what the query does
and I'm pretty sure it really doesn't need to run that often. But I
did find out that in some upgrade or another months ago
mythfilldatabase had stopped running regularly on my machine. It's not
detectable by a user, since the program data comes off the air anyway.
It did mean, however, that cleanup wasn't being made to the program
info tables, and they were unnecessarily huge.

Saying this I'm convinced the issue will be filed to the "stupid user
didn't do what documentation says" bin instead of to the "perhaps the
system really might benefit from being a bit smarter" queue where
someone who really doesn't want to spend all his free time tweaking a
television might hope it to be. I realize fully well that this is the
price *I* pay for a free, functional (as I said in the beginning!)
DVR, but I would like to pay some other price that didn't consist of
primarily frustration and offered the community some sort of benefit.
Such as: I have the technical skills to write a patch to this, but I
have absolutely no clue where to start looking for what to do about
it, and can't invest the time to fully understand the internals of
MythTV scheduling. How can I contribute?

Osma Ahvenlampi   <oa at iki.fi>       http://www.fishpool.org

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