[mythtv-users] mytharchive problem with multiple files

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Sat Sep 29 02:21:05 UTC 2007

On Friday 28 September 2007 21:21:00 Sam McCoy wrote:
> I am running mythtv fixes branch.  I have failed to create a successful
> dual-layer dvd image using mytharchive.  My recordings are in mpeg format
> (from a pvr150), so they are not re-encoded except for cut lists.  The
> entire process finishes sucessfully, except the first video lacks any
> audio.
> The logs say that it detected the audio stream, and checking the work
> directory confirms it.  The resulting "temp" mpeg file has audio, but the
> resulting vob files for the first video does not (played using xine or
> mplayer, no audio, just video).  I am using mjpegtools mplex-2 version
> 1.8.0 (2.2.4).
> If I only use one video on a single layer dvd, no problem.  Any help would
> be greatly appreciated.

My answer may be incorrect, since you say you've verified a lack of audio in 
intermediate files, but there's a known problem with some versions of MythDVD 
selecting the correct audio track in some situations. I Googled this a couple 
of weeks ago after I upgraded from 0.20.whatever to 0.20.2.whatever to get 
SchedulesDirect support and encountered the problem for the first time. In my 
case, if I burned a DVD with an MP2 audio track while MythArchive was set to 
NOT re-encode MP2 to AC3, I'd get no audio if I selected any theme that 
provided an intro video or menu music. (I'm guessing you might be using 
different themes for your 1- and 2-video DVDs.) Using MythDVD's audio track 
selection tool during playback could bring up the audio, though, so that's 
one easy workaround. Another is to set the "always encode to AC3" option in 
the MythArchive setup; that'll force MythArchive to convert the MP2 track 
provided by your capture card (or at least mine) to AC3, which matches the 
new intro videos and menu music, thus bypassing the MythDVD bug. Also, when I 
play an actual finished DVD using xine or a standalone DVD player, it's fine, 
even when the "always encode to AC3 option" is NOT set.

Thus, I suggest you check those two workarounds -- the audio playback options 
once you start playing a DVD and the "always encode to AC3" option in the 
MythArchive setup. If neither works then there's something else going on, but 
I think you'll need to post more details from your log files (or maybe a link 
to your log files on your personal Web site, since those log files can get 
huge) to get more help.

Rod Smith

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