[mythtv-users] Feisty Fawn and sa3250hd STB serial IR Blaster help

Daniel Arfsten darfsten at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 28 21:21:09 UTC 2007

I am trying to get Mythtv to change the channels of my SA3250HD STB using a 
Serial IR Blaster because I can only get 5 channels from firewire and I 
CAN'T get firewire channel changing to work. Neither internal firewire 
channel changing chosing sa3250hd or the sa4200hd nor using an external 
firewire channel changing script works!

Now it turns out that I can't even get serial IR blasting to work. DOes 
anyone have a lircd.conf or lircrc OR whatever files I need to get this to 
work? I don't even care if I can't use my PVR-350 remote, I simply want 
mythtv to be able to change the channels so that the pvr-350 can record the 
s-video input and that's it. I do have the PVR-350 remote working if someone 
is going to ask and I downloaded a channel_ch.sh script to change the 
channels of the stb but it doesn't work, irsend fails. I got the IR blaster 
that lights up on the end so I know that it's trying to send a signal but it 
only lights up when I first hit livetv and doesn't light up when I try to 
change the channel. Also, I currently have setup a /dev/video0 with the 
internal tuner on the card as well as /dev/video0 using the s-video input. I 
am aware that only one /dev/video0 can record at anytime but it does work 
when I hit the "Y" button to change inputs, but it doesn't change the 
channels so it's stuck on the one channel that the STB is on. Any help 


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