[mythtv-users] "get the sources and fix it yourself"

Bearcat M. Sandor HomeTheater at feline-soul.com
Fri Sep 28 20:35:44 UTC 2007

>> If someone follow me around and asks me for directions while i am
>> busy or just
>> looks at me impatiently and says "I'm lost, help help" and they
>> have the same
>> map i do in their hands that's different.  Even then, i might seek
>> to find
>> out why they were lost. Perhaps they just had trouble reading it.
> I think an analogy to the mailing list situation is more like this:
> Let's say you were sitting in a lounge area in a shopping mall
> reading a book.  Let's say there was a massive sign behind you with a
> map of the mall and directions to all the stores.  And let's say
> people kept coming up to you and saying, "I don't have time to read
> the map.  How do I get to Sears?"  Eventually, you'd get cranky, and
> someone would think you were a jerk.
> That's what a lot of mailing lists are like.  People ask the same
> questions over and over, questions that are clearly answered in the
> FAQ or the documentation.  After a while, the regulars on the list
> get tired of spoon-feeding answers to people who refuse to look for
> them themselves.  Often those regulars get abused when they try to
> point people to the FAQ instead of repeating the information that's
> in it.  Eventually, they get cranky.  And then people think they're
> jerks.
That's a very good analogy. Thank you.  Haw many times have you been in a
dollar store and heard someone ask "How much is this?"

I spend far more time in chat rooms then i do on mailing lists so i've
been reading the paper from that paradigm.

At least i usually don't spend much time on mailing lists. Today is
apparently an exception. :)

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