[mythtv-users] Amarok and mythmusic

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Fri Sep 28 19:46:10 UTC 2007

I've been playing with amarok <http://amarok.kde.org/>.  It's by far the 
slickest music player so far.

So....  I'll offer some beer-and-pizza for anyone who will make an 
amarok plugin for myth...  (Sorry, C++ and Qt make me violently ill, so 
I can't take up this torch...)

Seriously, any chance of lifting some of the Amarok code and adding it 
to mythmusic?  The collection organizer is incredibly slick.

As long as I'm wishing, how about an automagic dynamic range whammie 
jammie that scans a mp3 and adjusts the volume?  The volume on CDs keeps 
getting louder and louder, and it's incredibly annoying to turn up an 
old cut and then get blasted by a more recent cut.


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