[mythtv-users] refreshing today's schedule info automatically

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Sep 28 19:21:03 UTC 2007

On 09/28/2007 02:58 PM, Ryan Steffes wrote:
> On 9/28/07, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
>> On 09/28/2007 02:45 PM, Ryan Steffes wrote:
>>> On 9/28/07, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
>>>> On 09/27/2007 03:14 PM, Matt wrote:
>>>>> It's my understanding that mythfilldatabase will always go out and get
>>>>> the 14'th day as well us updating tomorrow.  I know that I can
>>>>> manually run "mythfilldatabase --refresh-today".  However, will that
>>>>> only update today's data or will it update todays data in addition to
>>>>> the normal behavior.
>>>>> In other words, I'd like mythfilldatabase to always run as it does
>>>>> today, only to also include refreshing today's data.  I want to make
>>>>> sure I'm doing this the correct way.
>>>> Why?  Please let us know when you have proof that there are actually
>>>> changes to today's schedule since yesterday.
>>> It does, at some point, have to change.  Are you trying to imply that
>>> the data is never updated inside of a two week period?
>> Is there really a two-week period between your yesterdays and your
>> todays?  Only about 24 hours (or so--depending on times) between mine.
>>>   No shows have
>>> ever been rescheduled or canceled inside of two weeks from their air
>>> date?
>>> Anyone following the schedules of any major sports tournament can tell
>>> you that the schedules occasionally change the night before in
>>> response to wins or losses.
>> Yeah.  What I want is proof that TMS (or whatever provider) actually has
>> updates for today that weren't in the listings downloaded automatically
>> by mythfilldatabase yesterday when it downloaded tomorrow's data (which
>> is now today).
>> If so, then there should be discussion on the lists to determine whether
>> it makes sense to change mythfilldatabase to allow refreshing today,
>> tomorrow, and +13.  Perhaps it will make sense for some providers and
>> not others, but if so, mfdb should be updated to reflect this.
> If that's the point you had wanted to make, I'd have started with
> asking him what period he uses to download his listings.  Not everyone
> runs them with the same frequency.

I guess I could have, but I took an alternate approach.  I read his
message where he explained how he's running it and how he wants it to run.

>   That he's got listings for any
> given day only proves at some point in the last two weeks he's
> downloaded listings.
> For the longest time, I ran mine only on Sunday and refreshed
> Wednesday morning.  I've only just increased the schedule to deal with
> the turbulence of fall premieres.

Well, had you been the one who asked the question, I would have said
something else.  But, since you're not, I'm actually responding to the
OP's question/request.

Geesh.  I'm just saying that if there's really a reason to run an update
of today's data, perhaps a discussion about it so we can modify mfdb
would be prudent.  On the other hand, running a --refresh-today may be
nothing more than a bandwidth-/resources-wasting placebo, in which case
telling users this is the case would be good.

I'd like to see one of the SD board members mention whether or not it's
useful to do a refresh of today's data.


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