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> > hello all... am just starting to build a box.. was thinking of using the
> > gforce 7600gs because my sony hdtv has hdmi in..
> > and any ideas for a motherboard would be nice too..
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> > les
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> The 7600GS works great.  I don't think you can go wrong there.  I have no
> experience on the 6200 series.  I had trouble getting a 5200 to drive a
> 1080p LCD TV (see below), but they work fine on a 720p TV, a 1024x768 LCD
> monitor, and a S-Video and composite out to a standard definition TV in my
> house.
> I have a Athlon X2 4200 on a nForce3 250 chipset motherboard (Epox) with
> 2GB of memory running Fedora 6 w/Atrpms and the nVidia proprietary drivers (
> 100.14.11) as a FE/BE.  I was running a 5200 to drive a Sony 720p 42" LCD
> projection TV.  Playback was clear and smooth.   The projection TV was a
> little too washed out in my bright living, so I moved it to the bedroom and
> got a Westinghouse 1080p 47" LCD panel TV.  The same FE/BE had problems
> driving the 1080p LCD.   The picture was gorgeous but the playback was
> choppy, even standard definition.  I tried the "UseEvents" "True" option and
> disabling the Composite extension that had been suggested in this list, but
> they made no difference.  CPU on one core was 65% on HD playback.  The thing
> that pointed me to the video card being inadequate was the big slowdown of
> the OpenGL menu transitions moving from 720p to 1080p.  I bought the most
> advanced fanless nVidia AGP card I could find, a 7600GS, and replaced the
> 5200.  OpenGL transitions went back to normal.  Playback was smooth, even in
> HD.  CPU was still 65% on one core.  The 5200 is still driving the Sony 720p
> perfectly well in my bedroom FE (Sempron 3400).
> I have had the best luck with nVidia chipset motherboards for AMD CPUs.  I
> recently gave up fighting a VIA K8T890 motherboard (SATA and Ethernet
> problems) and put it in a Windows machine where it works fine, so I am
> guessing there were some driver issues.  I put the nVidia board from the
> Windows machine into the FE/BE and have had no problems.
> Steve

If you are getting a motherboard with an onboard NIC, just make a note of
the chipset. I bought an Asus P5K-VM board with Marvell 88E8056 NIC chipset
and there is no way this one can be made to work under Linux and I really
tried hard. There are reports on the web that some revisions do work better
than others, however mine was one of the bad ones. The same bad chipset
apparently is also used on some Gigabyte boards...

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