[mythtv-users] MISC: LDAP vs SMTP recipient verification for speed

Peter Bowyer peter at bowyer.org
Fri Sep 28 13:42:56 UTC 2007

On 28/09/2007, Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. <LarrySheldon at cox.net> wrote:
> Hal Murray wrote:
> > You don't have to wait for a cron job to fire off if you have a script that
> > ssh-es to all the places that need updating and runs the script the cron job
> > would run.
> Use if ssh implies some interest in security.  People with an interest
> in security do not think putting passwords and such in canned scripts is
> a good idea.

Only in the trivial case does use of ssh involve a password. People
with experience (as opposed to just an interest) in implementing such
things use PKI instead.

> I see a conflict.  How do you resolve it?

ssh with PKI, along with suitably restricted access for the userid you're using.

Peter Bowyer
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