[mythtv-users] DVB-T Channel Numbers (UK)

Andy Thomas alt at picnic.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 19:29:15 UTC 2007

Mike Perkins wrote:
> James Fidell wrote:
>> Ian Newby wrote:
>>> Hi Folks,
>>>     I have recently deleted all my channels and re-scanned them to cope 
>>> with channel re-orgainzations and I have noted that some channels are 
>>> coming up more than once, ie.
>>> ITV4 appears as channel number 28 and also channel number "ITV4" both 
>>> with the same callsign and name
>>> More4 appears as channel number 14 and also channel number "More4" both 
>>> with the same callsign and name
>>> Other effected channels are
>>> Five Life, Five US, Teachers TV, Film4+1, ITV2+1, Channel4+1
>>> What can cause this? is it todo with mythfilldatabase?
>> I think it could be.  The most reliable way I've found to scan for
>> channels is to run scan beforehand to create a channels.conf file
>> and import that to create the channel list.  If mythfilldatabase
>> is run externally I just quit without adding any data.
> It may be more to do with the recent reorganisation of the Channel 4/Channel 5 
> frequencies. I got a similar problem and just manually edited/deleted in the 
> channel editor. There may also be changes with the xmltvid values which could 
> cause the effects you see.
> Actually I identified other problems - I may post on them later tonight or 
> sometime tomorrow. It may be that the power levels have been increased on some 
> of the multiplexes, so you are actually scanning other transmitters as well as 
> the expected one. This *will* leave duplicates in your channel list.
> Mike Perkins
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You have to rescan again after the 3rd Oct
See http://www.freeview.co.uk/help/channels-programming/q194
And possibly a few weeks (months later) when Virgin 1 comes online....
Seems like we have to do it every few weeks as channels shuffle around.



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