[mythtv-users] Feature Suggestion - recording rules - wishlist types

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Thu Sep 27 19:03:18 UTC 2007


   I've brought up this idea in the past and one fellow did
offer the useful suggestion that MythWeb could help me on
the scheduling end. However, the manner in which the current
release of myth handles multiple rules for the same show still
seems to be a problem.

    The latest example was a show on PBS that the next door
neighbor suggested. It was covered by a previously created
"genre wishlist". I wanted to create a "season pass" for this
show instead. Now while MythWeb was able to allow me to create
this new rule where the regular frontend was not, I still had
the problem that the newer rule was overridden by the older rule.

    The two rules are both of the same type in that they are both
"record all, on every channel" rules. In the recordings scheduler
this sort of rule seems to be equivalent whether or not you are
recording a particular show, a particular keyword, or an entire

     My workaround is to reorder the recording rules so the more
specific ones have lower recordid's.

     Good enough for me, probably not so much for everyone else.

     When I have time I will have to dig into the underlying code
and see if there are any pure SQL solutions to this without getting
into changing the C++. A view perhaps...

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