[mythtv-users] (OT) Diskless front end no longer boots.

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 27 19:02:43 UTC 2007

You mentioned that you upgraded FC6 which may have
resulted in an update to the kernel.  "File not found"
could come about because it cannot find the vmlinuz
for the old kernel.  Since preparing a diskless kernel
for FC6 (and more recently CentOS 5) that actually
worked, I explicitly excluded kernel updates from my
yum configuration to avoid exactly this problem.  I
had to heavily hack the "disklessrc" thing, put the
mount.nfs binary in the RAMdisk, put a correct
/dev/console in the RAMdisk, and so on, to get it to
work, so I have stayed very far from kernel updates
since then...

Until you can go through and "do it the right way" if
that is needed, start by looking wherever your kernel
images are (under tftpboot) and see if the path to the
kernel file specified in the PXE configuration file
("default" probably) refers to a file that is actually
there.  I am not sure if the updater is "smart" enough
to go in and try to update the "diskless" kernels or
the PXE configuration, but if all you did between
"working" and "not working" is the OS upgrade on your
diskless front end, this could be the case.

Hopefully the installer did not remove the old kernel,
which it should not have because kernels install as
opposed to "upgrade" so /lib/modules/`uname -r` should
still be there in your NFS image.  So once you can
boot the kernel and mount the root file system then
hopefully the system will come up and work.


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