[mythtv-users] Drop the Box - For all Canadian Users

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Sep 27 14:33:07 UTC 2007

Gabriel A. Devenyi wrote:
> As Canadian users know, for the most part we are unable to receive HD signals 
> without the use of a cable company's set-top box. The CRTC has an upcoming 
> hearing regarding digital cable distribution in Canada, and there is a 
> movement to make digital cable signals more accessible, which would of course 
> be beneficial for all Mythtv users.
> The campaign's organizing website is http://dropthebox.ca/ lets free the HD!
Interesting. The same situation, roughly, exists in the UK (unable to get cable 
signals without using the company's box). I wonder if we could leverage your 
campaign in the future. Please keep us posted about your progress!

I would love to be able to stuff my cable feed straight into a tuner!

Mike Perkins

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