[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun cable TV channel setup problem/frustration

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Thu Sep 27 12:31:44 UTC 2007

At 9:17 AM +0200 9/27/07, f-win at gmx.net wrote:
>The other major issue are the missing channels. E.g. the hdhomerun_config scan finds the follwoing unencrypted channel
>SCANNING: 621000000 (us-cable:90, us-irc:90)
>LOCK: qam256 (ss=90 snq=100 seq=100)
>PROGRAM: 1: 1008.0
>PROGRAM: 2: 0.0 (encrypted)
>2007-09-26 20:05:29.919 MSqlQuery: UPDATE channel SET mplexid         = 14,   serviceid       = 1,     atsc_major_chan = 1008, atsc_minor_chan = 0,     callsign        = '',  name            = '',          channum         = '1008.0',   freqid          = 90,        tvformat        = NULL,  sourceid        = 3   WHERE chanid=13080
>2007-09-26 20:05:29.923 Updating  1008-0 as 1008.0 on QAM-256 Channel 90 (90)
>2007-09-26 20:05:29.923 ATSC chan 1008-0 is hidden in guide

Looks to me that you should be able to find it in your channel table as chanid 13080.

As to why this happens, there are a couple of possibilities, at least.  Does your cable provider offer any digital music channels?  They are likely untunable to Myth.  Also, your scan may have found some Pay-Per-View channels that happened to be active at scan time.  These come and go as people in your neighbourhood order and watch them.

With my cable system, both HDHomeRun_config and Myth found over 100 channels during their scans.  (As mentioned, Myth puts the Program ID in the serviceid field.  For example, Myth reported channum 90#8 with serviceid 94.  I had to tune to 90.94 to review that channel.)  I used the QAM tuner built into my TV to check all of them.  About 40 were digital music.  About 20 could not be tuned.  About 10 were of no interest to me (religious, French language, etc).  That left 30 channels where I looked up the callsign, name and XMLTVID.  I wish I had seen Billy MacDonald's tip about setting all my QAM channels invisible (update channel set visible = 0 where sourceid = 3).  Instead, I used the channel editor to go through all 100 either setting invisible or entering the identifiers (including changing Myth's channum to the channel number used by my cable provider).

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