[mythtv-users] 2 DirecTV recievers: Can change channel on one but not other.

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Thu Sep 27 00:41:56 UTC 2007

maillist at citadelsystems.net wrote:
> Permissions are correct and the absolute path is used for the script.
> Right now I am thinking that is a bug in Mythbackend.
> KM

So, you can open a shell, and -

1. log in as the same user as whatever your mythbackend runs as
2. issue the exact same command line for changing the channel as you 
have entered in your backend configuration
3. and it works for the STB on the serial port
4. but not the one on the USB port?

If this is the case, I believe you should get an error message of some 
sort visible on the command line when you issue the command to your STB 
connected to the USB port.  What is that error message?

If, on the other hand, it works from the command line for your 
USB-connected STB, are you sure there is no difference in the command 
line you issued and the one setup in myth backend configuration?

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