[mythtv-users] Mythcommflag is off by one

Jon Boehm boehm100 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 27 00:09:38 UTC 2007

Craig Huff wrote:
> On 9/26/07, *Craig Huff* <huffcslists at gmail.com 
> <mailto:huffcslists at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     On 9/26/07, *Jon Boehm* <boehm100 at comcast.net
>     <mailto:boehm100 at comcast.net>> wrote:
>         Well I just tried it remotely and it seems to work without
>         running as
>         root.  Not sure how, but I'm not complaining.  FYI the least
>         favorable
>         nice value is 19 not 20, but your command works. Nice must see
>         the 20
>         and change it to 19 because top report the NI value as 19.
>         We will see how this works tonight, when I'm recording 2 hidef
>         shows at
>         once while viewing one without xvmc on a 3.2G P4. Using Chris's
>         mythcommflag command and JobQueueCPU set to 2.  I give ~%40
>         chance of
>         working correctly.  I seems too good to be true.  I expect glitches,
>         pauses, and pixelation while playing back a ~20 min time delayed
>         show.
>         I'll report back tomorrow,
>         Jon
>     Jon,
>     If you still have problems, another issue I investigated was PCI bus
>     latency that
>     reportedly can severely hamper disk I/O if poorly tuned.  Search the
>     archives for
>     setpci
> Sorry about that.  Hit return at an inopportune time ;-(
> I was trying to say:   Search the archives for "setpci latency_timer".
> Craig.
Thanks Craig,

I just learn a lot in the last few hours.  My system mostly uses 
PCI-express.  The on board SATA, IDE, ethernet, and nVidia 6200 card are 
all PCIE.  So, according to this thread:


I don't need to worry about pci latency because the concept really 
doesn't exist with PCIE.

I did try to change the latency but it alway returns a latency value of 
0 except on the two PCI PVR-150 cards I have.


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