[mythtv-users] Still having problems scanning channels... or am I?

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 26 23:50:48 UTC 2007

Brian L. Walter wrote:
> Harry Devine wrote:
>> I started a thread about a month ago concerning not being able to get 
>> any channels when I scan.  Well, I get some, but they are all listed 
>> strangely to me.  I get channels such as 79#0, 79#1, etc.
>> So tonight I was looking at some info on the HDHomerun since I see alot 
>> of posts about it on this list, in case I wanna add one to my setup.  I 
>> went to the following page, and saw that the 79#0, etc. actually MEAN 
>> something in my setup:  
>> http://www.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/lineupui?Cmd=LocationProgramsWeb&Country=US&Postcode=08234
>> I guess what I'm getting at is that can I assume that my channels are 
>> actually getting scanned properly and just aren't in a format that I can 
>> understand?  Do I need to use the channel editor to map them over to 
>> channels that I'm used to seeing (Channel 6, Channel 10, etc.)?
>> Thanks,
>> Harry
> Harry,
> The short answer is yes.
> The slightly longer answer - Some channels are sent with info on them, 
> for instance, WBZ-DT.  These will be added with the name and 
> description, but you have to map the channels and the xmltvids to 
> something that SD or whatever your listing source recognizes.
> In mapping the unknowns (74#0), I use a combination of the hdhr config 
> utility and the frontend to figure out which channel is which.  Scanning 
> will add something like 74#0, but, that does not directly map to 
> something that hdhr presents.  It might be 74.1, or 
> 74.11....*generally*, it maps them starting at 0, incrementing by one.
> For instance, hdhr presents 74.11, 74.12 and 74.13.  Usually this gets 
> mapped into myth as 74#0, 74#1 and 74#2, *if* myth saw all 3 
> channels...it may not have, so visually verify them in the frontend.  
> I've deleted my hdhr sourced and re-added them quite a few times  till I 
> fugured that out.
> HTH.
> Brian
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OK, I just started trying to map the HDHomerun lineup frequencies (I 
don't have an HDHomerun; only a pcHDTV-5500 card, but their lineup for 
my zipcode is the only source that I've seen where I can see the 
relationship between the transmitted channel and call-sign) to the 
channel names/numbers that I'm familiar with, and I want to be sure I'm 
going about it correctly.  I am using the channel editor via MythWeb.

delete 	sourceid 	xmltvid 	channum 	callsign 	name 	freqid 	finetune 
videofilters 	brightness 	contrast 	colour 	hue 	recpriority 	commfree 
visible 	useonairguide


The HDHomerun lineup (via the link above in my original post) shows the 
following for those channels (I assume):
qam256 	113 	1 	WPVIDT 	1280x720p
qam256 	113 	2 	WCAUDT 	1920x1080i
qam256 	113 	3 	WPVIDT2 	704x480i
qam256 	113 	4 	WPVIDT3 	704x480i
qam256 	113 	5 	WCAUDT2 	640x480i

Do I have to do anything with the finetune column?  I just want to make 
sure that what I'm assuming is correct.  Also, the HDHomerun lineup 
shows alot of 8VSB channels, but when I scan for channels in Myth, I 
don't get any of these.  Only these digital, unencrypted ones (like 
79#0, etc.).

Thanks alot for all of the help.

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