[mythtv-users] Fwd: Scheduling Conflicts?

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Wed Sep 26 22:33:58 UTC 2007

On Sep 26, 2007, at 2:32 PM, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> The number one thing you can do to make your life better is go grab
> 512M more RAM and plug it in the other hole.
> Really.
> What's that, $30 these days?

The problem is the machine's old enough to take SDRAM, which as  
gotten pricier since DDR RAM took over the market.  (Also, there is  
no "other hole."  It's only got one DIMM socket.)

I actually have a 512M SDRAM module pulled from one of my other  
machines, but it appears to be bad.  I should probably see if  
Kingston really honors their "lifetime warranty."

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