[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu or Ubuntu Alternate for RAID?

Byron Pezan byron at dreamtech.org
Wed Sep 26 20:01:23 UTC 2007

----- "Eric Robinson" <ryunokokoro at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to install my MythTV backend and would like to partition
> my
> drives such that the system drives are installed with RAID-0 and the
> MythTV space is on RAID-5 (both using mdadm).  I'm looking at the
> Mythbuntu installation GUI right now and I can't see anything about
> A quick search on the interwebs reveals this:
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=408461
> That mentions the Ubuntu Alternate CD install which seems much
> simpler
> than using a LiveCD (including Mythbuntu's).
> What are the pros and cons to using Mythbuntu over a normal "Ubuntu
> installation using the MythTV packages"?
> http://www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu-alternate
> Is it only the space used for programs and the window manager?  I'm
> not
> at all worried about that because my system partition is going to be
> over 300GB when RAID-0'd...
> Thoughts?

I won't speak to your choice of RAID and where to use it, as everyone else and their mother seem to have a very strong opinion on the matter :)  I will say that I usually build Ubuntu based systems with the Server CD.  This allows total control over partitioning via the ncurses style interface including options for software RAID.  I also like the fact that my final install typically has a much smaller footprint than installing with the Desktop CD.

As for my MythTV systems I just use the Mythbuntu repository (in conjunction with my standard Ubuntu install mentioned above) to install the weekly SVN-fixes packages as opposed to installing the whole system with Mythbuntu.  Ultimately I like the control of installing a system from the Server CD and the convenience of weekly updated MythTV packages from Mythbuntu without the hassle/effort of compiling them myself.

Granted, I say all of this without ever having used the Mythbuntu ISO.


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