[mythtv-users] Can't Record Two HD Streams on HDHomerun

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Sep 26 16:36:29 UTC 2007

Kirk Bocek wrote:
> After a couple of years of using and loving MythTV I've upgraded my setup for
> digital and HD with the addition of an HDHomerun digital tuner.
> However I can't seem to record two HD programs at one time. The resulting
> recordings have pops and clicks in the audio and various artifacts in the
> video. The recordings will also sometimes crash X on my two frontend hosts.
> Making a single HD or two simultaneous SD recordings causes no problems, so
> it's not a signal problem.
> The host doing the recording is a backend-only host with plenty of power: two
> 2Ghz dual-core Xeons, 4GB ram, plenty of storage on a 3Ware array.
> I'm running the ATrpms 0.21-169_trunk_r14374 'bleeding' packages of MythTV.
> Does anyone have any suggestions that might help stabilize these recordings?
Certainly sounds like you are getting starved for some resource. I'd
start by trying to measure what's going on.

I'd start by looking at your storage system, capacity doesn't
necessarily mean transfer rate ability. Perhaps tweaking your filesystem
parameters might help. You might also look at the PCI latency of your
RAID card.

Two HD streams shouldn't tax a 100 speed network, but if you have a lot
 of other traffic on it you might run into trouble.

So I'm saying start with the things that are the slowest in your system
(drives and networks) as they are more likely to be getting swamped than


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