[mythtv-users] play mythtv sound through bluetooth headphones (change output device on-the-fly)?

Ma Begaj derliebegott at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 12:00:28 UTC 2007


I just got bluetooth headphones and these working great with my
notebook. I was thinking about using the headphone with my mythbox ...

here is my question and/or idea...

is it possible to change sound output device in mythtv during watching
a recording/tv/music...

I could maybe make udev rule to run a perl script when I insert
bluetooth adapter. this perl script could run an UPDATE on mysql
settings table and change the output device from ALSA:hw:0,0 to
ALSA:hw:1,0 or something else.

That would probably mean, that I will have to restart playing
video/music to make these changes work for the video currently
playing? Could it possible to change output device on the fly somehow?

I would like to make it work more or less like when I plug-in my wired
headphones in the jack... I know, that is something totally different,
but it would nice to be able to make it work.



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