[mythtv-users] No Match for argument: mythtv-suite - What am I missing?

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Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] No Match for argument: mythtv-suite - What

      am I  missing?

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junk at edgarchen.com wrote:

> I'm a linux beginner and am trying to upgrade mtyhtv via yum, but no

> what I try, I always get: No Match for argument: mythtv-suite.  I've

> searched the mailing list, Google, Google groups and can't find an answer.

> It feels like I'm just missing some simple thing, but I can't figure it



> What am I missing??


Axel changed the name of the meta-package from myth-suite to mythtv.

It had something to do with a general re-packaging of MythTV and its 

associated libraries.  It also caused some rumpled feathers during some 

people's updates as the mythtv package now drags in everything.


Tried, and failed..

[root at chennet yum.repos.d]# yum install mythtv

Loading "installonlyn" plugin

Setting up Install Process

Setting up repositories

Reading repository metadata in from local files

Parsing package install arguments

No Match for argument: mythtv

Nothing to do

[root at chennet yum.repos.d]#




> I'm running kernel-


ATRPMs hasn't been updated in a while.  I think Axel is in the process 

of relocating, and isn't doing much in the way of package rebuilds yet.

It will take some time.  I hope you don't need some kernel modules from 

ATRPMs for your latest kernel....I know I'm waiting for a few.


Paul Cavalcanti has been nice enough to rebuild a few packages and put 

them here:




Good Luck!



Kevin J. Cummings

kjchome at rcn.com

cummings at kjchome.homeip.net

cummings at kjc386.framingham.ma.us

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~ Edgar


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