[mythtv-users] MSNTV2 box? (was software encoding to MPEG2)

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Wed Sep 26 02:44:45 UTC 2007

> I'm actually working on getting a MSNTV2 to work as a frontend
> currently. What driver are you using to get display output? That is my

 I use IEGD 5.1, though I'm rebuilding my nfsroot image right now with 7.0 so
we'll see how that goes.

 IEGD provides a video bios(which the MS provides bios doesn't have) allowing
hardware scaling and such. BUT it also disables the TV out, so I 
wrote an app to tweak the VGA registers directly (http://www.phaze.org/mythtv/msntv/) to reenable it. The version of msntv-on in that directory enables
it but only works if you have X running as 640x480.

 I've got another that will allow other resolutions and maybe now that I'm rebuilding it all I'll get around to finishing and releasing it.

 As well there is an msnled app there you can use to control the LEDs in the
frontpannel. I turn all of mine off on the one that lives in the bedroom otherwise my wife would kill me :)

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