[mythtv-users] Coax splitters - how painful are they?

ross camm rossco at whyza.net
Tue Sep 25 23:34:25 UTC 2007

I am also in Brisbane, just across the river from you in Fairfield.

I assume you are going to use DVB ?

I use 4 separate USB tuners, and as such have purchased a 30db RF amp
from Jaycar, and it works well in conjunction with splitters. I also
needed some attenuators  as the output from the amp was too high, which
has the bonus of allowing more splitters in the future if required.

Before I had the RF amp, I certainly had signal strength issues. Now all
is good.

I have found a masthead amp is NOT required, as DVB is not as
susceptible to noise as analogue, so amplifying the noise as well as the
signal has not given me issues.

I have a nova-t-usb and can pickup SBS ok.

SBS is usually the lowest signal strength, as such I use it for all my
testing...if SBS works, all other channels will be ok I have found.

Hope this helps.

On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 15:29 +1000, William Pettersson wrote:
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> At the moment, I have one tuner card, a WinTV-NOVA-T.  I've had it for a
> few years, it works alright, can never tune SBS for some reason but all
> other channels are generally fine.  I live very close to the
> transmitting towers (For the Brisbane people, I live in St Lucia) so I
> should have decent signal, I pick up analog SBS pretty much perfectly.
> Anyway, I now want to upgrade my system, more hard drive space and
> another tuner.  Actually another two tuners would be nice I reckon.
> Is it possible to get decent coax splitters that don't have too much
> signal loss?  Is it worth me trying to hook up a splitter for my third
> tuner, if I only plan to use it once or twice a week, or should I just
> grab a dual tuner, and be forced to skip the occasional program here and
> there?
> Will
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