[mythtv-users] Backend not honoring "MaxSimultaneousJobs"

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Sep 25 21:29:13 UTC 2007

* On Tue Sep 25, 2007 at 10:26:53AM -0700, Jon wrote:
> 2007-09-25 09:56:45.365 MSqlQuery: INSERT INTO jobqueue (chanid,
> starttime, inserttime, type, status, statustime, hostname, args,
> comment, flags) VALUES ('1005', '2007-09-24T13:29:00', now(), 256, 1,
> now(), '', '', '', 0);

So the hostname is empty on these inserts meaning that any JobQueue
server can pick them up and process them.  That's good.

> The backends are busy right now so I'll have to wait to re-run them with
> -v database. My question is, should I re-add the host-specific
> 'JobQueueMaxSimultaneousJobs' entries or is it ok to leave as is?

Delete the one with a NULL hostname and re-run mythtv-setup on each
of your backends in order to create this setting again.

If the backend reoccurs after fixing the settings, then get the
"-v database" logs from the backends to see when they claim the job
by updating the hostname field in the table.  You can also run with
"-v database,jobqueue" and see verbose output from the JobQueue as it
looks for, claims, and runs jobs.


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