[mythtv-users] Signal problems with A180

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Tue Sep 25 14:03:23 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,

I'm just doing some more testing with my Avermedia A180, trying to pull in SD 
QAM streams.  I've got a bunch available unencrypted, but the signal quality 
seems pretty bad.  I'm seeing a lot of dropouts and macroblocking.  The 
amount of digital garbage depends a lot on the tuned frequency.  All the 
channels at 279 MHz are terrible, those at 315 MHz are almost watchable.

Its rather frustrating to be so close, but yet so far.  Aside from the 
glitches, the picture quality blows away my PVR250s.  Its much more crisp and 

There are no glitches using a DCT2000 on the same channels.  The glitches are 
there using mplayer.  I've tried different coax cables coming from the 
splitter, and I've tried disconnecting the splitter and using just that input 
feed straight to the A180.

Here is my Coax setup

POLE----TELEPHONE BOX---4 way splitter --- 2 way splitter ----A180

I can try getting rid of the 2 way splitter to see if it will help.

Any other ideas?  Would updated kernel drivers help? The computer is running 

Would a different QAM tuner like a 5500/Fusion5/HDHR give better results?


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