[mythtv-users] Dual HDTV Tuner for Australia

Tom R. sillyhed2000 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 25 06:51:19 UTC 2007

> 1: If it's a DVB-t receiver, it receives both HDTV and SDTV.  They're 
> both part of the digital transmission coming from the TV company.  I 
> don't have any HD kit but I can quite happily record HD streams.

I didn't know that, but it seems kind of obvious now that you point it out. So any DVB-t reciever should do my HD? That certainly opens up my options. 

> 2: Try buying your cards from Dick Smith as they take no-questions-asked 
> returns, so long as you return it in the original packaging.  Probably 
> cheaper just to buy two cards rather than a specific dual-tuner model.

Nice to know - I'll check out my local dealer. It will be comforting to now any mistakes can be cheaply reversed.

> 3: Two tuners should be plenty for free-to-air in Australia, though I 
> guess it depends on your viewing habits.  Lots of stuff is repeated, so 
> Myth gets quite good at re-scheduling to record the repeat to free up a 
> tuner for something one-off.  Personally I have three and the third only 
> really gets used to record things I never end up watching anyway -- but 
> hey, if some big news event kicks off I'll have ALL the news programmes.

Yeah, I'll only ever need two. My household doesn't watch enough to warrant three tuner cards.

How much does a decent coax splitter cost, so that I don't lose my signal strength?

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