[mythtv-users] Segmentation fault when running mythfrontend

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Tue Sep 25 05:17:36 UTC 2007

Azmat wrote:
> My apologies.  I'm running on an FC5 system (kernel ver 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5).
> When I compiled my mythtv source I used the following configuration:
> configure --enable-xvmc-opengl --enable-proc-opt --enable-firewire
> --enable-lirc --enable-opengl-video --xvmc-lib=XvMCNVIDIA
> --enable-opengl-vsync --enable-xvmc-vld

I'd try removing --enable-opengl-video.

Last time I tried that, performance was terrible.  Granted, that was 
some time ago, but IIRC, that particular video rendering method is not 
really ready for usage yet.

I could be wrong, and I'm sure if I am, others who are using it 
successfully will correct me.  :-)

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