[mythtv-users] Dual HDTV Tuner for Australia

Carl Lewis carl.lewis at dpiw.tas.gov.au
Tue Sep 25 00:12:21 UTC 2007

> 3: Two tuners should be plenty for free-to-air in Australia, though I 
> guess it depends on your viewing habits.  Lots of stuff is repeated, so 
> Myth gets quite good at re-scheduling to record the repeat to free up a 
> tuner for something one-off.  Personally I have three and the third only 
> really gets used to record things I never end up watching anyway -- but 
> hey, if some big news event kicks off I'll have ALL the news programmes.

I've three tuners as well and find the third is used
consistently for a month or so every year, even here in Tas,
ratings season. The rest of the year, well as Simon indicated
two is 99% fine.


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