[mythtv-users] Video card that can support component and composite at the same time.

Matthew Schumacher schu at schu.net
Mon Sep 24 21:50:54 UTC 2007


I have a ati card that I'm just done fighting with, I'm getting ready to
order a new nvidia card, but I would really like component and composite
at the same time because I drive both my HDTV in my TV room and all of
the rest of the TV's throughout the house via a channel modulator.

Currently I have one output from mythtv composite and I run it to my
channel modulator then from the line-out of the modulator to my hdtv.
This system works fine, except I don't get a HD signal to the HD tv.

I figured as long as I'm ordering a new card, I would try to upgrade to
hdtv output.

So the question is if I buy this card:


Can I run both composite and component?  I'm suspecting not since they
plug into the same physical jack.

What if I got a dvi or vga to component cable.  Since the card can
product HDTV resolutions could I get my HD signal that way and use the
composite for my channel modulator?

Any other thoughts on how to do this?  I do have an hdmi jack on the
back of the tv.


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