[mythtv-users] How would switching from cable to satellite affect my MythTV

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 21:27:19 UTC 2007

I am considering switching from cable to satellite and
want to get some hardware and software recommendations
from people who have a working setup.

Currently I have cable TV and the following MythTV
setup: pcHDTV 5500 hooked up to antenna, from which I
reliably receive all networks OTA including HD feeds. 
Hauppauge 500 hooked up to cable for analog feeds. 
One front end hooked up to HDTV capable screen and
another front end hooked up to old tube TV.

Considering: Dish Network or DirecTV.  Primary reason
for switching is that cable company does not and will
not carry Big Ten network while aforementioned
satellite companies do.  I would be comfortable with
the monthly bill being within +/- $20 of the current
cable bill.  No need for PPV or premium channels. 
Dish would be cheaper due to bundling with local phone
service but the concerns are more of quality than

NOT considering at this time: DVR service through
satellite companies.  I need the freedom that MythTV
provides to let me control my listings, storage space,
and so on.

I am resigned to the fact that I will have to output
the satellite signal via S-video and then capture that
in MythTV with an encoder, because there is no
digital/firewire method of getting the signal (without
modifying the STB).  Hence there is no way to get the
HDTV from the satellite into MythTV.

Here are my questions that I hope will receive a
number of answers:

1. STB selection #1 - Is anyone using a "two room" STB
and if so can it simultaneously output two signals to

2. STB selection #2 - Are there any recommendations as
to STB's to avoid or to prefer based on MythTV
compatibility (specifically control via serial, USB,
firewire, or IR blaster)?

3. Analog capture card - I would to add at least one
more "analog" capture card so I can capture 3 feeds
off the satellite.  Is there anything cheaper than a
Hauppauge that will give similar quality?

4. HD capable STB - even though I know I cannot
capture into Myth, I might consider connecting an HD
capable STB directly to the TV set mainly for live
watching of sports on ESPN or Big Ten HD networks. 
How much of a hack (to my configuration or whatever)
would it take to make this STB available as a tuner to
MythTV when it was not busy acting as an HDTV tuner
for the TV set?

5. Installation people - will the installer give me
grief, or refuse to install, if I say something like
"yes, really, those STB's do actually get installed in
this closet."

Thanks in advance for any tips.  I need to make the
switch before college basketball season starts...

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