[mythtv-users] A plea for help

aaron memoryguy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 21:10:31 UTC 2007

On 9/24/07, Ben Davis <bendavis78 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, I ran Memtest86+ plus overnight, and after 46 passes, it shows no
> errors whatsoever.   Are there any other test I can run?  Any CPU stress
> tests?

This probably doesn't help, but my desktop system has three memory
modules in it that don't like each other. Everything runs beautifully
for about three weeks, and then suddenly programs start crashing
randomly, segfaulting, bus errors, memory corruptions, kernel
oopses... it behaves exactly as though the RAM has suddenly gone bad.
When I run Memtest86 it will even find errors. I took the modules in
several times to be replaced, and each time the RAM showed clean on
their test rig.

In my own system, the "bad RAM" remains as long as the machine is
turned on. Even when I reboot it stays "bad." Once I shut off the
power and turn it back on, the RAM is suddenly good again, for another
three weeks.

After cold booting, Memtest86 no longer finds any errors either.

I now turn my computer off when not in use. ;-)

I'm certainly not saying you have the same problem I do (I sure hope
you don't! :) ) but just saying that there can be some weeeird
behaviours :)


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