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Dave dave at optionsdsl.ca
Mon Sep 24 18:28:00 UTC 2007

A JM wrote:
> Since some of newer DVD players offer an upconvert function does this
> also work on regular reception on over the air or satellite feeds?
> Also, if using an over the air antenna for HD can I split the signal
> to multiple sets without loss issues?
> Thanks,
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If you are talking about using mythtv to upconvert regular broadcast to
a higher resolution for your TV, yes it does that, but the picture
doesn't automagically become HD quality. 

You can split over the air feeds just like you would split regular
analog TV or cable, and you always introduce loss when you split it, 
Use high quality splitters and cable to minimize loss.  Example:  you
have 50 feet of rg-6 coax from your antenna to your first 2 way
splitter, then another 50 feet to your mythtv box, you have introduced
9.5 db of loss into the line (6db loss for every 100 feet of rg-6, and
3.5 db loss for the 2 way splitter), the losses get greater using 3 or 4
way splitters.  If you are starting with a weak HDTV digital signal,
then its a good chance you will have no usable signal in this example. 
In the digital world of over the air TV, the signal doesnt get fuzzy, it
would get blocky, just as satellite TV does if its signal is weak., if
there is not enough to lock, you get no TV at all.

The number one way to lessen the  loss is to install a pre-amplifier at
the antenna itself using the shortest cable possible, a CM7777 channel
master amp is quite good and what I use.

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