[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 17:38:06 UTC 2007

> > /etc is about all the complexity of registry I can cope with, thank you.
> Just go to any software store and see how many products are offered for
> sale that purport to "fix" registry problems.
> Look at all the web sites offering a "free" registry scan. Of course
> they always find *something* wrong, and want $$$ to "repair" it.
> The Registry is a great thing,if you are a software vendor.

Well, this is getting a bit afield, but...

Don't mistake the Windows registry implementation with the concept, itself,
of a centralized, consistent (in the sense that it's a consistent format
with a known layout) configuration database.  IMHO, the concept isn't
necessarily a bad one.  The Windows implementation of it, however... well,
that's another story entirely. :)

Personally, I'd love to do away with the myriad config files and formats
littered all over my machine.  Heck, it could be something as simple as an
API that layered over a standard filesystem, producing text-based
configuration files of a known format, using a well-understood directory
structure.  This makes things user-editable, scalable, consistent, and
transparent.  It'll never happen, but it's a nice dream. :)

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