[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Sep 24 16:49:14 UTC 2007

David Brodbeck wrote:
> On Sep 24, 2007, at 6:51 AM, Brian Wood wrote:
>>> - LIRC: why does it take so much to get a damn remote to work??
>> Mine worked out of the box with a Hauppauge remote.
> I think the correct answer is, "because there are so damn many  
> remotes out there." ;)  If LIRC came with a remote, as most Windows  
> TV software does, and worked with that remote and that remote only,  
> it'd be really simple to configure.  But that's not how people use  
> LIRC; they generally want to make it work with whatever receiver came  
> with their card, and whatever remote they found in the bottom of  
> their junk drawer.  I'm all for that, but it does put the onus on the  
> user to find the right driver and map the buttons.  There's no auto- 
> detection that will tell the computer what remote you have in your  
> hand. ;)


Perhaps we could rig up a webcam and some image recognition software.

I can see the screen now:

"Please hold your remote up to the camera"


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