[mythtv-users] Should I use LVM on this new raid?

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Mon Sep 24 16:25:43 UTC 2007

On Sep 23, 2007, at 8:42 PM, Mike Poublon wrote:
> Actually, with the 3ware cards, the disks can be plugged into most any
> newer controller and "just work". From what I've seen in the  
> manuals for
> 3ware controllers, the disk "format" is understood by pretty much all
> newer controllers. For example, a disk set from a 9500 series card  
> could
> be placed on a 9550 or 9650 and the card would know what to do with  
> them.

I think you're right, but I feel I should give one caveat about 9500- 
series cards:

If you have a RAID array established, and you decide to tear it down  
and use the drives elsewhere, DELETE THE ARRAY FIRST.  If you don't  
do this, nothing else is going to recognize those SATA drives, even  
to reformat them as JBOD.  When plugged into a regular SATA channel,  
the BIOS won't recognize them.  When plugged into an older 3ware  
card, it will recognize them but utterly fail to do anything with  
them.  This had me scratching my head for a while.  I couldn't figure  
out how those drives had failed between the time I disconnected them  
from the 9550 and plugged them into a different machine.  It turned  
out they hadn't failed; the 9550 had just done something evil to  
their configuration.  I had to plug them all back into the 9550 and  
then delete the array.

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