[mythtv-users] "Data is already present" when it isn't?

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:08:07 UTC 2007

On 9/22/07, Niklas Brunlid <prefect47 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/21/07, Ryan Steffes <rbsteffes at gmail.com> wrote:
> > While I'm not sure what's causing it, the kneejerk reaction is to
> > first try mythfilldatabase with --refresh-all, and if that doesn't
> > work, remove and reset your sources.
> I've tried --reset-all, and while it works, it's only a temporary solution.
> If I remove and reset my sources, what happens to my scheduled recording
> rules?
> Since I'm home from work with a cold for a few days, I could always try
> looking at the mythfilldatabase sources... =)
> Can mythfilldatabase be built separately?

You COULD install and build mythfilldatabase separately, but you could
run into database versioning issues if you are running svn and only
update part of it.

The other answer is is that removing your cards and sources and
readding them does very little, but seems to often fix problems where
channel info gets stuck in weird states.  All your previous recording
rules will still exist (assuming you have roughly the same channels
when you are done) and will be rescheduled once you run
mythfilldatabase  and restart the backend after re-adding the cards
and sources.  I've become very adept at quickly readding the cards on
two separate back ends after spending a week trying various
combinations to see where my new HD tuner would work the best.

However, if refresh-all fixes it, but the problem comes back, you
probably are better off opening a ticket with full explanation of your
problem so it can be looked at by the devs.

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