[mythtv-users] New/Bugfix Version: Bulk Updater forVideometa(imdb) data

Ryan Pisani mythtv at frouse3.homelinux.com
Mon Sep 24 14:53:18 UTC 2007

> Ah ha. Yeah you're right. I apparently missed that in philippe's comments.
> Yeah I see what you mean now. I rely on the extra option for browse files
> apparently, so I have no issues seeing them in the List filter that I use.
> But I'll fix this straight away and get a new version up there.
>> I think changing line 680 to
>> $sqlstat = "insert into videometadata
>> (title,director,rating,inetref,coverfile,filename,showlevel) values(\"$
>> title\",\"Unknown\",\"NR\",\"00000000\",\"No Cover\",\"$_\",\"1"\);";
>> should fix it?

So upon further examination. I think this really is a schema /
functionality bug in mythtv. The default value for Showlevel in the DB is
'0', so this is why it's set as so with my addition. However, the lowest
level in the Video Settings is '1'.

I'm not sure how the code works on the mythvideo side, but I'd expect that
if you had Show level at 2 for example, 0,1,2 should all be visible. But
it appears the code disregards 0, or explicitly ignores for another reason

I'll get this added, in the meantime I expect maybe it works for others
because they too have "browse files" set as I do.

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