[mythtv-users] MCE Remote mapping

Daniel Westendorf dwestendorf at scottusa.com
Mon Sep 24 14:49:40 UTC 2007

After opening my eyes a little more (lol I felt dumb) there is a setting
under TV Settings>Playback I think. It was something like "Use Select to
change Channels."

One of my other problems was that the system connects to the internet
via wireless, but I didn't like logging into a Gnome session and using
the nm-applet to connect every time I rebooted. 
To get this working, just disable roaming and set a staic AP or you can
edit your /etc/networking/interfaces(the other wouldn't work for me?).

Hope that save someone some time!

Daniel Westendorf

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On 9/21/07, Daniel Westendorf <dwestendorf at scottusa.com> wrote:
> Hey all-
> I'm wanting to change some settings on my remote. Currently, when
> watching live tv, and browsing the the EPG, if I hit the OK button it
> gives me the Record menu. Naturally I want to view a show when I hit
> not record it (REC button does that...). How do I change it so that
> I hit OK it goes directly to the show? What should I be editing(Enter
> the keyboard does the same thing).

Try some of these:



You modify key bindings in the frontend by going to:
Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> Edit Keys

Alternatively, you can edit the keybindings directly in MythWeb as well.

Joe Ripley
vitaminjoe at gmail.com
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