[mythtv-users] MythDora4 - MythGame setup?

Garry Cook garrycook at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 14:43:21 UTC 2007

I upgraded to 0.20 recently using MythDora4. How do I go about setting up
MythGame? I never could get it to work under MythTV 0.16. So, I'm not sure
where to start.

I'm happy to follow a FAQ, wiki, or whatever, I'm just not finding anything
recent. Where should I look? MythDora, MythTV, or is there a MythGame site?
The MythDora site says that about 16 emulators are now included, but 'don't
ask us how to use any of them'.

Also, I have USB 'PS2' controllers. Can anyone offer some insight on how to
set these up in FC6 to work with MythGame?
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