[mythtv-users] old recording showing as being currently recorded in mythweb

keithblack at hotmail.com keithblack at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 24 14:33:23 UTC 2007


On Friday night I scheduled 2 recordings and accidentally chose LiveTV as the recgroup.  On Saturday I deleted them via the frontend after watching them.  Now when I view the Upcoming Recordings page in mythweb they still show as "This showing is being recorded" even though that was 2 days ago.  The upcoming recording page via the frontend doesn't show these shows as such only mythweb.  I tried clearing my browser cache but still no luck.  I can only guess that it as something to do with the recgroup being chosen as LiveTV but I can't even find the problem in the database.  

mythdora 4.0 mythtv 0.20.2  

Any Suggestions?  

Thanks in advance,

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