[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Sep 24 13:51:01 UTC 2007

lionel dybowski wrote:

> These are my own answers:
> - no offence but the mythtv documentation is written for linux litterate 
> people. It takes us the route of command line too often. We want GUI.

You mean *you* want GUI. I am perfectly happy with the CLI, though I'll
admit that giving the user the choice is the best answer.

> - we do not want to have to tar, compile  and other.

I do.

 I have only managed
> to install one or two programs this way in my linux life (dependecies 
> issues, wrong package, unexplained "can't configure"...)

As you would get to Carnegie Hall...

> - we do not want  to have to edit xorg to get tv out working (ubuntu 
> 7.04 does this easily; why not knoppmyth??)

The ability to directly control the X config allows for the wide
variations in possible hardware, both video card and TV/Monitor.

> - LIRC: why does it take so much to get a damn remote to work??

Mine worked out of the box with a Hauppauge remote.

> - databases issues: need a dedicated FAQ with an SQL tool for getting 
> the databases up and running, with good FAQ on access rigths issues.

MySQL has several FAQs and some very good documentation. There are any
number of tools available to access the DB, although many Myth systems
run quite well with the user never needing direct access to MySQL.

> - xmltv needs a dedicated section

They have their own lists and voluminous documentation. What more would
you suggest? xmltv is used by projects other than Myth, so it should be
a separate project.

> - keyboard mapping too needs to be detailed somewhere in a help file
> seems like mythbuntu is getting better, but still lirc seems mad and 
> discouraging. I my HVR900 going to work?
> My issues with myth were:
> - no tv out on knoppmyth (gave up went to ubuntu)
> - never managed to get xmltv working here in france
> - my old hauppauge pci cards (3 tested) did not work
> - can not get composite input working on HVR900
> - 45 minutes to network sharing working (problems with access rights... 
> my house is not MI6!)
> - 2 hours to get divx to play correctly
> 2 weeks wasted!

Wasted? Not IMHO. Look what you learned. A lot of us consider time spent
on such things to be "fun".

 And my friends are know laughing at me: "hey, what
> happened to your linux box, went back to windows??? we told you..."

Get better friends.

> Never mind... I want to promote linux, so you developper have to do more 
> for me! keep up the effort, and make linux a system which is realy 
> accessible to everybody!

The developers are not working for you, they are allowing you to share
in their work, for free, a concept foreign to Bill Gates and his ilk.


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