[mythtv-users] Live TV Quality Issues

Alex Halovanic halovanic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 06:28:56 UTC 2007

I'd check what resolution your recordings are being made at on your
tuner card under your recording profiles.  I believe the default is
still 480x480, when ideally it should be set to 720x480, especially
since this helps when moving recordings to DVD.

You probably want to enable some sort of deinterlacing under 'tv
playback' if you haven't already.

Try running the nvidia-settings tool to adjust the flicker settings
since there's an inverse relation between flicker and blurring.  You
may also want to try different resolutions for the screen, as I've
heard that using 800x600 looks better than 640x480, and if you can
manage it with the card, 720x480 looks best.  The nvtv tool might help
with this as well.

Also, if you're using Xvmc for playback, switch to plain Xv, as that
can be a source of headaches, and you have plenty of processor to not
need it.

Sorry for the large number of suggestions, but maybe one of these will
be of some help.  More specific info on most of these should be on the
wiki; if anything's not clear, I can try to give you a more detailed


PS: For future reference, you're using 'composite' not 'component'
video.  Yes, oftentimes even the manufacturers call it component, and
the plugs look the same, but the difference is you have a single
yellow plug for composite (capable of only Standard Definition output)
and a red, blue and green plug for component (HD capable).

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