[mythtv-users] New Version: 1.4 Bulk Updater for Videometa(imdb) data

Ryan Pisani mythtv at frouse3.homelinux.com
Mon Sep 24 04:29:03 UTC 2007

>>> here are some comments from another user which I also had some issues
>>> with
>>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/291665?search_string=include%20in%20myth%20the%20videos%20cast;#291665
>> I see the comments here, but I don't understand the correlation with
>> this
>> issue you're having?
>> The new version with another fix will be posted in the next 1/2 hour or
>> so.
>> Ryan
> Sorry I didn't explain myself, Another issue I had which I was trying to
> investigate before I posted is in some instances I was also not seeing
> some newly added files in mythvideo even though they were in the database
> as it appears the showlevel is defaulting too 0?

On a side note. I found the bug that I believe was causing your Perfect
Circle m2v to enter multiple times. However, I expect that the script
should have been exiting with an error the times that the bug was in

I'm guessing maybe other users may have squeaked by with 1.4 version
because they have no new files to put in the DB. I will post 1.5 soon in a
new thread and hopefully all users will pick that new version up. Cause
1.4 was not good with this bug.

Did you correct your duplicate entries yet?

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