[mythtv-users] Should I use LVM on this new raid?

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Mon Sep 24 04:12:30 UTC 2007

On Sunday 23 September 2007, Mike Poublon wrote:
> Roo wrote:
> > It occurs to me that all the talk of raid solutions seem to revolve
> > around the assumption that it is a drive that has failed (ie the
> > controller card is still available)
> >
> > There is a distinct possibility of a hardware raid controller failure,
> > if you don't need sheer throughput then software raid has a lot going
> > for it. It allows the array to be rebuilt on another machine
> > independent of the controller card.
> Actually, with the 3ware cards, the disks can be plugged into most any
> newer controller and "just work". From what I've seen in the manuals for
> 3ware controllers, the disk "format" is understood by pretty much all
> newer controllers. For example, a disk set from a 9500 series card could
> be placed on a 9550 or 9650 and the card would know what to do with them.
> If this continues to be the case, replacing a failed raid controller is
> much less of an issue.
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That is my understanding as well. 

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