[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sun Sep 23 16:33:56 UTC 2007

lionel dybowski wrote:
> great topic, thanks.
> Mythtv sounded good to me at first:
> - linux based system
> - GNU licence. So I can have a pc running a legal os and program at no 
> cost but the hardware.
> - ligth environement: Tested mythtv though knoppmyth on an old P666. 
> Movies were fluid, just perfect.
> So I decided to build a real PVR. I choosed hardware carefully and 
> installed through knopmyth in no time.
> But there I was: TV out was not working. All attempts on xorg.conf did 
> not give me any result.
> Went on to ubuntu 7.04. Mythtv installed and started after I wasted 
> hours getting mysql setup properly to get the databases woking. Tv out 
> worked first time, network shares were ok. But then it would not 
> recognise my tv usb stick...
> Went back to expensive os named by a reference to an house opening to 
> the outside, you know, lik winXXXX. Tested Sesame TV. All was set within 
> 2 hours.... timeshift, recorder, xml grabber, videos, music, internet 
> radio, dvd and link to external programs. Remote setup was a matter of 
> copy and maste directly from mozila to remote.ini...
> It is a shame that linux systems are still so diffuclt to set when it 
> comes to tricky hardware issues. Software installation is still too 
> difficult for common people, because of dependencies, complex software 
> architecture, repositories availability.
> Linux is and will always remain for the computer litterate people. No 
> matter how sick we are of that thing named winXXXX..... , it does make 
> our life easyer that the promising linux based systems...

Agreed, Linux based systems still have a bit more to go before they 
reach any form of main stream.  But I disagree that it will "always 
remain for the computer literate people."  If you look at the inroads 
that have been made to date, 5 years ago the Linux user base was a 
fraction of what it is now.  Unix as a whole has made a lot of progress 
(look at MacOS X), and Linux is a piece of that..

As an example, a colleague of mine who is an outright user of systems 
(in other words, definitely not a savvy computer guy), was inspired by 
my success with MythTV and he built a system based off of MythDora.  He 
was floored as to how easy it was for him and the end result was that he 
was happier than he was with his DirecTV DVR.  As a side note, the team 
at MythDora did an excellent job.. it even recognized the IR input on 
his PVR-150. :)

Success stories like that are becoming more frequent, which makes 
further inroads in to the desktop.  Is it (the Linux PVR) ready to take 
over everywhere?  Not yet.. but, IMHO, it is inching that way..


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