[mythtv-users] Help in Design of Mythtv Setup

Christopher Riordan cpr at hal-9000.net
Sun Sep 23 16:08:03 UTC 2007

I currently run Mythtv with 1 Backend (closet) , and 3 Frontends(living 
Room, Bed Rooms), with NO Tv capture. I am rebuilding a new Backend 
(Ubuntu 2TB storage)) to support more drive space.

I am looking to purchase Hauppauge WINTV-PVR-MCE Kit (includes remote 
and USB IR Blaster))

Question I have is this:
I want to expand the TV to 2-3 Tuners, Do they all go in the Backend? or 
do I have to put them in each of the Front Ends? To use the Remote? I 
currently have Directv. If I can would love to move the STBs to the 
Closet and out of the way of everything else. I tried reading the Wiki, 
but get lost kinda easily. Is there a way to assign potential Tuners to 
certain Frontends? So 2 Bedrooms share a tuner, Livingroom get's it own?

FrontEnd: Intel P3 1ghz 384 RAM, DVD Drive,, Nvidia Fx5200
Backend: Inel P4 1.8ghz 1gb RAM, 2+TB drivespace.


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