[mythtv-users] Help wanted GENTOO: mythtv is not able to change channels on a PVR500, whilst it presets to a channel correctly

T.J.H. Kluter theo-ivtv at kluter.net
Sun Sep 23 14:32:09 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I'm a bit desperate, I installed all the latetest ebuild from Gentoo, 
including mythtv 20.2, ivtv 1.0.2, lirc and nvidia-drivers. I have the 
following problem:
1) watching TV to the selected channel in mythtv works; even if I select 
different channels as initial channel, mythtv tunes to it correctly, and I 
can watch the channel.
2) However, ones watching to a channel, in case I want to change channel 
mythtv does not change the channel, and I get a kind of timeout I get in the 
log file a message like:
MPEGRec(/dev/v4l/video1) Error: Error getting codec params using old IVTV 
ioctl eno: Bad address (14)
MPEGRec(/dev/v4l/video0) Error: select timeout - ivtv driver has stopped 

when I use ivtv-tune during watching life tv, I can however switch to another 

Any help or tips are appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

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