[mythtv-users] MythTV isn't seeing my IRC events

Jay Mallar jaymallar at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 18:02:51 UTC 2007

I currently have my system configured to use the IR receiver I got with 
my PVR-250.  My drivers and lircd all appear to be working.  irw shows 
my key presses as expected. 

I've spent a few hours now trying to get Myth to see my key presses, and 
I'm sort of stumped.

First problem is I don't know where MythTV expects it's files.  Some 
FAQs say ~/.mythtv/lircrc, some say ~/.mythtv/.lircrc, some say 
~/.lircrc.  I have my file in ~/.mythtv/lircrc and links to it named 
~/.mythtv/.lircrc, ~/lircrc and ~/.lircrc.

I've tried compiling mythtv with and without LIRC native support, 
neither option seems to make any difference.

I've tried using irxevent.  When I edit my lircrc file and change 
program to irxevent, running irxevent shows me every single keystroke I 

What am I missing?

* Where does the lircrc file really go? (I'm using mythtv-0.20.2 built 
from scratch).
* What is the program string for native IRC support?  "mythtv"?  
"mythfrontend"?  Nothing seems to work
* When I run via irxevent, why isn't Myth seeing the events?
* Is there any way to debug what's happening here with the frontend?  
Nothing shows up in the system logs.


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