[mythtv-users] Lost Swap space

Dan Ritter dsr-myth at tao.merseine.nu
Sat Sep 22 15:51:46 UTC 2007

On Sat, Sep 22, 2007 at 01:37:39AM -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:

(dsr said:)
> > sudo mkswap /dev/hda2
> > sudo swapon /dev/hda2
> >
> > (in future, your fstab line should work.)
> Almost...
> mkswap -L SWAP /dev/hda2
> Or, whatever the label (in /etc/fstab) may be.

Ah, but he already did:

> >> label.  I quit qtparted and edited /etc/fstab to comment out the existing
> >> swap line and create a copy that references the drive directly as /dev/hda2

So it's currently immaterial. But you're right, that would let
him switch back to mount-by-label later on.


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